As a painter I am drawn to a canvas by my never ending interest in color play and to that end, abstraction in particular. I work primarily on linen canvas for the texture of the cloth that ultimately lends a dimensional quality to the painted surface. What sparks the idea of a painting for me usually is found in nature. The combinations of colors never cease to amaze and inspire my thought process around a particular palette. I then approach the canvas with that inspiration in mind.

Often there is no particular subject matter in mind, only the interplay of the chosen palette. As the layers build and retract, and sometimes collage and mixed media at hand, the canvas eventually takes on a life of its own. Only then am I satisfied with the push and pull of motion, energy and force, important elements of a balance that is struck.

Having had a career in the commercial arts, specifically clothing design, under my own label for many years in New York City, spending time in a painting studio fills a different sensibility that is satisfying to the soul.

Rhode Island School of Design
Bachelors of Fine Arts, 1981